"Chiirite" Project

In year 2012 L NetCom Ltd designed and built up a complex communication system solution for the needs of "Chiirite" hotel in Plovdiv. The system includes private automatic branch exchange, wired and wireless LAN equipment, and router for redundant and secure connection to the Internet.

The organization of work in the hotel requires differentiation of the traffic in separate virtual local area networks (VLANs). Thus different user groups have access to well-defined applications and resources, with ensured wider channel connection to the Internet for users with higher priority. The routing between VLANs is controlled by firewall, which provides additional security, access control and traffic logs.

Private Automatic Branch Exchange
Hybrid ISDN/IP PABX, equipped with analog extensions for hotel rooms and digital extensions for reception and administration staff. The embedded DECT system, covering the entire hotel area, facilitates the activities of the service personnel. The PABX is connected to dedicated metering and hotel application via IP link.

Local Area Network
Layer 3 switch stack in central hotel area and Layer 2 edge switches in peripheral structures, connected to the central area via fiber optic. The wireless network is built up with dedicated wireless controller and thin access points. The system broadcasts several SSID tokens for different user groups. After success authentication and connection establishment to given network, associated with correspondent SSID, the user is automatically connected to the respective VLAN.

Powerful routing device establishes the connection to Internet via two independent service providers with load balancing and automatic failover support. The embedded firewall controls the traffic from and to Internet, simultaneously with inter VLAN routing and traffic examination. The device performs also traffic shaping according to user priority.

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